Jim Wilson (Black Dub, Rollins Band, Mother Superior)

A guitar player and singer from Delaware, Jim shares an intimate story about his connection to Michael Jackson that speaks to the magic that can happen in Hollywood.

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Gram Rabbit, a band and long time L.A. music scene favorite, is based in Joshua Tree, CA - breaking the traditional mold by exploring a variety of music styles that have flavors of contemporary and psychedelic rock, and electropop.

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Undiscovered L.A. (UDLA) is a compilation of stories forming a short documentary that culls key insights, wisdom, and uniquely L.A. stories from a dynamic and eclectic mix of musicians in the Los Angeles music scene.

Greg Mathieson (Keyboardist, Arranger, Producer)

From playing with Helen Reddy to Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, or Larry Carlton, Greg talks about the ups and downs of making a living in music - something he's done for more than four decades.


Christen Lien (Composer / Violist)

As a contemporary, classically infused instrumentalist, Christen tells stories through her original compositions using the viola, guitar, harmonica, Moog synthesizer, drums and kalimba.