2009 – Joe Brocato and Cesario Tio formally start UHP, LLC [CA].  As a team they collaborate with 03 Productions on the narrative feature film The New Republic.

2010 – Yale Chiang and UHP begin developing two documentary films Undiscovered L.A. [Released 2013] and Breaking: Los Angeles [Released 2013].

2012 – Sherri VandenAkker engages UHP on her film My Name Was Bette: The Life and Death of an Alcoholic [Released 2014].

2013 – The Next Greatest Generation filming begins.

Skipping Joy [Projected 2019] pre-production begins.

2014 – The Brocato-VandenAkker team begins a formal collaboration on documentary film development. 

2015 – Joe and his wife acquire full ownership of UHP.​


Unlikely Hero Productions, LLC (UHP) is a multi award-winning film and media production company comprised of an expanding, collaborative network of professionals from a variety of industries that share a common inspiration for bringing the stories of the unlikely heroes among us to the screen.



UHP develops and produces film and media that challenges and inspires audiences with entertaining, thought-provoking, and personal narratives. 

Our films are presented to audiences through cultural and academic organizations, traditional distribution channels, and film festivals.

UHP's primary goals:
1. Promote public awareness and inspire action through film.
2. Provide opportunities for collaborators to develop and produce films about unlikely heroes.
3. Reach audiences through traditional and emerging distribution channels.
4. Assemble and lead collaborative project teams that produce exceptional film & media products.