Vanaprasta, Samuel Stewart, Chasing Kings, Spider Problem, Honey Honey, All Wrong & the Plans Change, Assemble The Skyline,  Cosio, Open Hands, Hopes High

Industry Professionals:

David Kershenbaum, Michael Howe, Julie Pilat, Warren Riker, Michael Steele,  Michael Rosenblatt, Fred Croshal, Native Wayne, Larry Goetz, Megan Jacobs, Justin Randi, Lori Rischer,  Dina LaPolt

International:  U.K., Canada, Japan

Jim Wilson interview

with Joe Brocato

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Breaking: Los Angeles takes a gritty, provocative look behind the curtain of the Los Angeles, CA recording industry to reveal the dirty little secrets unsigned bands confront when they try to stay true to their vision yet appeal to established interests looking to sign the next sensation.

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Contributing Bands & Industry Professional-
Jim Wilson, Daniel Lanois, Gavin Lurssen, Black Dub, Gram Rabbit, Carina Round, Dan Burns, Kill The Academy, Firebug, Doug Boehm, Giant Drag, Jason Hollis, Brandon McCulloch & the Blackbirds, Manny Nieto, John Hiler, Sederra, Jimmy Brunetti, Angelica Star, Army Of The Sun, Austin Hartley, Automatique, Brothers Brothers, Carla Hassett, Robyn Buehler, Christen Lien, Countless Thousands, Rob Strickland, Jon Hershfield, Day Of The Outlaw, Duality, Andy Kravitz, Garland, Get Out, Adam Brill, Gregory Brock, Halifax, The Icarus Line, La Ghost, Montana Jose, Mustache, Research Turtles, Todd Sievers, Robotanists, Silent Treatment, Nikki Sweet, Soraya, Spirit Animal, Stepfather, The Jazz Ministry, The Steel Wells, Shane Smith, Tunnelmental Experimental, Ventura Skyline, Kyle Peters, Jean Sievers, Robert Barron, Chris Mullen, Trevor Erickson

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