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Christen Lien (Composer / Violist)

As a contemporary, classically infused instrumentalist, Christen tells stories through her original compositions using the viola, guitar, harmonica, Moog synthesizer, drums and kalimba.

Jim Wilson (Black Dub, Rollins Band, Mother Superior)

A guitar player and singer from Delaware, Jim shares an intimate story about his connection to Michael Jackson that speaks to the magic that can happen in Hollywood.

Gram Rabbit, a band and long time L.A. music scene favorite, is based in Joshua Tree, CA - breaking the traditional mold by exploring a variety of music styles that have flavors of contemporary and psychedelic rock, and electropop.

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Undiscovered L.A. (UDLA) is a compilation of stories forming a short documentary that culls key insights, wisdom, and uniquely L.A. stories from a dynamic and eclectic mix of musicians in the Los Angeles music scene.


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Greg Mathieson (Keyboardist, Arranger, Producer)

From playing with Helen Reddy to Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, or Larry Carlton, Greg talks about the ups and downs of making a living in music - something he's done for more than four decades.